Dry Van Freight Trucking

Godfrey Trucking delivers a wide variety of dry bulk commodities and delicate specialty products throughout the United States. We’ve hauled general dry bulk commodities since 1968 and have increased our skills and equipment to safely haul delicate and valuable merchandise for our clients.

We can haul:

  • Furniture
  • Store fixtures
  • Cabinetry
  • Electronic equipment

No matter what type of products you need to transport, Godfrey Trucking has a solution that will get your commodities to their destination on time, reduce damage claims, and improve your supply chain’s efficiency.

Trade Show Supervision

A professional tradeshow booth and display can be the key to gaining new business. However, tradeshows also bring challenges. A good booth is expensive, delicate, and requires specialized assembly. You also need to transport and store the products you will hand out or sell at the venue. Our highly trained drivers and specialized equipment are the perfect asset to help make your next tradeshow a success.

  • Safe transportation of: booth and assembly parts, specialized equipment, and delicate electronics
  • Highly trained and experienced drivers will: set up, maintain, and break down your booth
  • Transportation of products that are necessary to make your tradeshow a success

Our Commitment to Safety

When our clients entrust us with their freight, we take it seriously. We know that safe driving isn’t just important for our operations, it directly affects our clients’ bottom line.

Godfrey Trucking is devoted to:

  • Safe handling of our client’s commodities to reduce damage claims
  • Regular inspections and maintenance of our equipment
  • Extensive driver training

When you work with Godfrey Trucking, you know you’ll get reliable and consistent results. Put our experience to work for you.