Company Drivers

Godfrey Trucking has always paid; well above industry
standards. We don’t use smoke and mirrors like sign-on bonuses.
Godfrey Trucking strives for the best. We pay our employees at the
top of their market salary range because that’s what they
are worth.

Pay based on experience and longevity at previous employment. Starting at 55¢ up to 61¢ cents per mile with bonuses.
We include regular pay increases for longevity so you can
continue to improve your earning potential.

Godfrey Trucking offers full benefits to company drivers including:

  • 401(k) plan
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Paid vacation

Flexible Schedules and Regular Home Time

We realize that while driver pay is extremely important, flexible schedules and time at home with your family are also important. Generally, our drivers are home at least once a week. Being a family-owned business, we understand the importance of our drivers getting a chance to see their families grow.

Don’t Just Be Another Truck Number, Become A Valued Professional

At Godfrey Trucking, we know all our drivers by name. We strive to understand and know each driver personally. By doing so, we are more capable of matching up customer service needs with the needs of each driver. The combination of our competitive pay per mile, flexible driver schedules, regular home time, and our personal touch with our drivers has allowed us an extremely low turnover rate. We hope that you will contact us or fill out a driver application and give us the chance to show you that we follow through on our commitment to our drivers.

Want To Build A Business? We’ll Help You

Godfrey Trucking also promotes drivers to our Mileage Owner Operator Fleet. If you have a dream to become a business owner, we will help you set it up and become an independent entrepreneur.

Driver Rates


  • 50¢ per mile base rate
  • 3¢ for safety bonus paid quarterly (no preventable accidents)
  • 1¢ end of year bonus on all miles run for the year
  • 1¢ bonuses for idle

Longevity Raises (added to base rate)

  • 1¢ after 1st year
  • 1¢ after 3rd year
  • 2¢ after 5th year
  • 1¢ after 10th year
  • 1¢ after 15th year

Stop Pay

  • $37.50 per drop after first and last